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  • 集团概况
  • 董 事 长 致 辞
  •        bwin集团是具有60多年历史和雄厚技术实力的科技型bwin。“善用资源、服务建设,提高技术、服务社会”是我们始终如一的经营理念,我们在中国和国际bwin行业及其他领域取得的骄人业绩和声誉正是源于这一理念的引领。
  • Hope of Chairman
  • Triumph Group is an enterprise of science and technology with a history of more than 60 years and solid technical strength. “Use Resources Wisely,Serve the Building,Improve Technical Level,and Serve the Society” has always been the business philosophy of Triumph Group. Our eye-catching achievements and wide-acknowledged reputation gained in China and international glass industry and other fields all stem from the guidance of this philosophy.
    To combine the profound enterprise culture with the updated technical innovation enables Triumph Group to possess key specialties in engineering design in fields of glass, cement, architecture, new energy, new housing and environmental pollution treatment and general contracting, electromechanic equipment fabrication and manufacture, new materials research, development and production, environmental protection and energy saving engineering etc.
    Under the guidance of the development strategy of "growing up into a four-strong and four-best scieno-tech enterprise group, which possesses stronger comprehensive strength and international competitive power, by integrating research and development, engineering design, engineering contracting, and fabrication and manufacture into a whole and taking building materials technology as dominant", Triumph Group is forging ahead towards the goal of becoming a world first-class enterprise of building materials.
    During the long-term technical cooperation and service, Triumph Group has established deep friendship with domestic and international customers. The successful implementation of each project is the fruit of sincere cooperation, resulted from friendship and our painstaking labor.
    To build five brands of Triumph Glass, Triumph Photovoltaic, Triumph Materials, Triumph Equipment and Triumph Engineering, to be a great master of China new glass, new materials, new energy, and new equipment and technology and to be a world first-class supplier for project proposal package is my and the staff's common ideal. Triumph Group is willing to cooperate with all the new and old domestic and international friends, and to create a more splendid tomorrow together.
    Chairman, General Manager of Triumph Group

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